Baby Shoot

What an exciting time for all parents, the arrival of their precious little bundle. We all love looking back at those baby albums and photographs, this time seems to fly by like the blink of an eye.

Capturing that first little smile, tiny toes and feet and scrunched up baby nose, needs careful planning and timing. In our experience of photographing newborns and babies, timing and patience is a must, a warm environment and lots of cuddles are needed to keep your baby restful and happy.

We like to shoot baby in their birthday suit as well as in your favourite clothes. What parent doesn’t want the opportunity of embarrassing their 18 year old in their birthday suit!

Book your baby in for their first shoot with us for only £25.

What happens at a baby shoot?

We have many years of experience photographing babies from Newborn to toddling. Ideally and in our experience, babies seem happier in the morning when they are well fed and rested.
Each baby shoot takes around an hour, but we like to allow time for feeding, changing and soothing.
It really does depend on your little one.
We create a warm and soft environment with use of different blankets for your little one to lie on. Please bring along a selection of baby grows, hats and any colourful outfits you love.
We also have a selection of props and some cute babies hats we can use.
We will take a variety of shots from fully clothed to birthday suits!