Award Winning Image

Award Winning Image

“Why should you choose us?”

I am proud to hold the title of UK Commercial Photographer of the year 2009 and UK Industrial & Architectural Photographer of 2010 as voted for by the MPA.

It is my versatility that really sets me apart from everyone else – along with my ability to think quickly on the spot, come up with Creative, Dynamic Imagery – EVERY TIME.

It has been said, that given a ‘black cat to photograph in a coal cellar’

I am your man! I always without fail, come away with The Shots. –

Exceeding my clients expectations…….

My clever use of lighting, and composition and having an eye to know what the end picture will look like before I have shot it – is the key. I can work quickly, under pressure, whether it’s heavy industry, busy office environment, dirty factory or a conference, I have the skill and expertise and apply my skill and enthusiasm to every situation given.

Not only is it creating the images, I am a perfectionist when it comes to digital retouching and digital enhancement. Knowing how to finish off the pictures to a high standard ready for print, is a very important part of what I present to my clients.

I have built up relationships and trust with a wide range of businesses in varying sizes, covering all sectors, from SME’s to large multi national blue chip companies who employ my services.

If you want images that will make you stand out from your competitors, then please consider hiring me. As a professional image maker, I can help you enhance YOUR Profile. Please take look at my gallery in this section, along with my list of clients – all of which will be happy to provide a testimonial.